One Couple, Two Careers – Part 3

Master the Art of Love and Career

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56 pages
Are you a busy professional sharing your life with another busy professional? Yes? This book is for you. Here you’ll learn the framework to master the art of love and career.
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Om forfatteren

Blanca Vergara es mentora para emprendedores centrados en el corazón. Ha creado experiencias de reacondicionamiento cerebral en vivo y en línea basadas en décadas de investigación meticulosa para expandir tu capacidad de crear más abundancia. Sus programas combinan las técnicas basadas en ev...


This 3-book series is for you, if you are a modern professional, man or woman, who wants everything:

  • You want a brilliant career that allows you to live to your maximum potential and contribute to a better future for humanity.
  • You also want an intimate love relationship that supports your growth and self-expression.
  • You definitely do not want to give up any of them.
In this second book you will learn the framework that will allow you to master the art of love and career.

About the author

Blanca Vergara is a woman on a mission: To heal the fear of the builders of the Heart Centered Economy. She is an epicness strategist, author and motivational speaker. She dares us to let go of blame, fear or complacency and play real big. She dares us to embrace risk, seek new experiences and learn from setbacks. Organizations such as Shell, Roche, Johnson and Johnson, the Rotterdam School of Management and Delft University of Technology are some of her clients. Blanca is a former corporate executive with a master’s degree in Information Technology, a coaching certificate and an MBA.

She has over 25 years of international business experience. She honed her business skills with important organizations such as Price Waterhouse and the European Space Agency. Her strong academic background, solid corporate experience, plus her Aztec heritage make her a mentor who not only understands the challenges of modern life, but also has the vision and innovation to overcome them.

She lives in Amsterdam with her two children and the love of her life. She also speaks Spanish and Dutch.

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