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Oil Refining

The International Scene

Language:  English
The book gives a region by region account of refining at the present time. Some emphasis is given to processes beyond fractionation including cracking. Calculations are fairly numerous.
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The book begins with an account of refining in 19th Century USA and goes on to give an account of refining across the world at the present time. Details of hundreds of refineries including their capacities are given. Reforming, cracking and ‘visbreaking’ are given some emphasis as is the related issue of refining depth. The Nelson complexity index features frequently in the book and there are several related calculations. Equivalent distillation capacity (EDC) also features. Illustrations include one the largest oil refinery in the world, the Jamnagar Refinery in India.

About the author

Clifford Jones has spent a working lifetime in teaching, research and writing on fuels and combustion. He has held academic posts in the UK and Australia and has held visiting posts in a number of countries including Kazakhstan. He has written over 20 books and numerous papers and articles. He has major broadcasting experience.

  • Foreword
  1. Preambulary discussion
    1. References
  2. The EU and non-EU European countries
    1. Country-by country coverage of the EU
    2. Further comments on EU countries
    3. European countries other than EU countries
    4. References
  3. The OPEC countries and former OPEC countries
    1. Overview
    2. Supplementary comments
    3. Non-OPEC Middle East countries
    4. References
  4. The USA and Canada
    1. Overview of the USA
    2. Overview of Canada
    3. Concluding remarks
    4. References
  5. Central America, South America and the Caribbean
    1. Overview of Central America
    2. Overview of South America
    3. Overview of the Caribbean
    4. Further comments
    5. References
  6. The Former Soviet Union
    1. Overview by country
    2. Further remarks
    3. References
  7. The Indian Subcontinent
    1. Introduction
    2. The Indian refineries classified by location
    3. Pakistan
    4. Bangladesh
    5. Sri Lanka
    6. Afghanistan
    7. Further comments
    8. References
  8. Japan, South Korea and North Korea
    1. Refineries in Japan
    2. Refineries in South Korea
    3. North Korea
    4. Further comments
    5. References
  9. China, Taiwan and Mongolia
    1. Major refineries in China (strictly People’s Republic of China, PRC)
    2. Teapot refineries
    3. Refineries in Taiwan
    4. Mongolia
    5. References
  10. Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea
    1. Past and present refineries in Australia
    2. New Zealand
    3. Papua New Guinea
    4. Further comments
    5. References
  11. The Far East
    1. Malaysia
    2. Thailand
    3. Vietnam
    4. The Philippines
    5. Singapore
    6. Other countries in the region
    7. References
  12. Africa
    1. Introduction
    2. Cameroon
    3. Chad
    4. Côte d’Ivoire
    5. Egypt
    6. Ghana
    7. Kenya
    8. Morocco
    9. Senegal
    10. South Africa
    11. Sudan
    12. Tanzania
    13. Tunisia
    14. Small refineries in other African countries
    15. General afterword
    16. References
About the Author

Prof. Dr J. Clifford Jones