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Mastering Public Speaking Challenges

Handling Presentations Consciously, Confidently & Enjoyably

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Handling challenging situations & listeners, when presenting, becomes easier when you have the tools to do so effectively. Practice the tools in this book and watch your speaking confidence soar!
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Do challenging situations and troublesome listeners impede you from speaking in public? Discover how to get your point across to all kinds of listeners in all kinds of situations. Whether your audience is big, small, silent, loud, distracted or just plain bored, find out how to better inspire and engage them. Learn also how to handle common, challenging behaviors such as the Chatterbox, the Know-it-all, the Hostage Taker and Complainer. Even get tips on how to handle your boss! Lose your fear of presenting and gain a new sense of ease, efficiency, enjoyment and result when speaking in public!

About the author

Kurt is an international sales & marketing expert, executive coach & author. He has sold everything from automobile tires in Texas to retail banking systems in 20 countries. Kurt specializes in the language of our bodies, how to consciously read and use it to: sell and present efficiently, lead- so others follow, serve- so customers feel it & to create infectious team-spirit.

  • Preface
  • Bonus Books
  • Disclaimer
  1. Introduction to handling challenging situations
  2. This Book’s Purpose
  3. The Power of Attraction, when presenting
  4. Stress, black outs and losing your place
  5. Engagement and “The Wall”
  6. Media Help
  7. Sensational Body Language minimizes stress
  8. Technical Problems
  9. Listener understanding and prepared material are out of synch
  10. Venue is different than expected
  11. Audience size is different than expected
  12. Challenging Topics
  13. Dry or boring topics
  14. A subject you do not personally believe in
  15. Challenging Audiences
  16. Challenging Behaviors
  17. The Chatterbox
  18. The shy and not-so-shy Know-It-All
  19. Power Tool: “What is your point?”
  20. The Hostage taker, Predator and Complainer
  21. The Master-Debater
  22. Negative or detracting behavior
  23. The Boss
  24. Final Tool for all situations: Throw them out or leave
  25. Presentation Mastery
  • Conclusion
  • About the Author
  • Other Books by Kurt
Lovely and very useful read! The author has a great tonality which makes you want to turn the pages quickly. He is also very humble, giving examples of his not-so-great lectures, with a touch of humor. I've learned a lot!
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Kurt Larsson