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Lead Generation - A Primer

Create it as a program. Maintain it for ongoing revenue

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This book is brought to you by Dionne Mischler, CEO of Inside Sales by Design. It calls out viewing your lead generation efforts as a structured program to see an increase in results.
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This book is brought to you by Dionne Mischler, CEO of Inside Sales by Design, and 20+ year sales veteran. It calls out viewing your lead generation efforts as a structured program to see an increase in results. When we treat an effort as a program, our brains approach and think about the effort in terms of a structure, framework, leader, teams, strategic direction, and tactical execution. This eBook takes you from inception through execution and is full of templates, ideas, and tangible take aways to implement immediately to see results.

About the Author

Dionne Mischler has been running Inside Sales by Design for five years and counting now. She has been in sales and technology for the last 20+ years and has a successful individual career as well as in starting and growing sales teams in verticals spanning non-profit, IT consulting services, membership, hardware, software, staffing, and SaaS.
She is a member of the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP) and leads the Orange Country, CA Chapter along with other dedicated sales professionals in the area.

  • About the Author
  1. Lead Generation – What is it?
  2. Who owns lead generation?
  3. Lead Generation Terminology
  4. Getting Started Strategically
  5. Getting Started Tactically
  6. Measuring Results
  7. Ongoing Lead Generation
  8. Ongoing Sales Skills Development
  9. Prospecting is a Process, Not an Event
  • Appendix A – Resources and References

About the Author

Dionne Mischler

I love sales. I love working with Sales Leaders and teams that want to win, improve their game, and make the space around themselves a little better than it was.

I believe in having a plan, an agreed upon set of goals, and a deliberate intention of getting from point A to point B. Ambiguity is for folks who don't live and die by their number. To be clear, that is NOT sales. We either do or do not succeed.

I also believe our success is determined by our focus and desire to advance. Lastly, I believe that true success comes from execution. Ideas are great, results and outcomes are better. Here's my credo: Purpose Perspective Clarity Execute™ 

Sales is about revenue. If your teams don’t sell, your company ceases to exist. But it is also about the humans who make up your teams, and how you inspire them to greater productivity, revenue, and leadership.

Bringing almost two decades of experience, quick wit, and compassion, Dionne provides workshops and seminars packed with practical, down to earth best practices to companies looking to either start or grow their Inside Sales teams.

This leads to tangible results and rewards in the shape of clients and revenue. The intangible rewards are clarity, everybody working together, a feeling of shared purpose, and a greater forward momentum. When we work together, our focus is Purpose Perspective Clarity Execute™


Dionne Mischler

Founder, Inside Sales by Design


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