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Keep Moving: The Value of Positive Thinking

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12m 21s
Language:  English
Learn how focusing on the good things can give tangible benefits to every facet of your life.
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Being positive helps you move on from disappointments. Since you tend to get more of what you focus on, focusing on the bad will get you more bad, while focusing on the good will net you more good. Listen as Peter Freeth discusses the acronym P.U.R.E. (Positive, Under your control, Real and Ecological) and how it can help you stay more positive. 

About the Author

Peter Freeth is a leading business coach, trainer, presenter, author and consultant who has a rare mix of communication, technical and business skills and an interest in learning and developing new tools and techniques that help others get the results they want, more easily and more often.Peter has been developing innovative NLP applications for over 25 years and has delivered programs for a number of leading UK NLP training organisations as well as bespoke corporate programs in the UK and worldwide.Having spent nearly 20 years in the telecoms industry, Peter started his own training and consultancy business in 2002. Since then, he has worked with a list of clients, ranging from SMEs to multinational corporations, developing future leaders and building high performing cultures.Peter has created many innovative applications of NLP which you’ll now find trainers and consultants all over the world using, as a result of attending Peter’s courses and lectures and reading his many books.

About the Author

Peter Freeth