In Focus: Lessons from the SAP Sales Academy

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26m 04s
Frederic Page is a L&D leader with SAP. Here he talks about his time as the VP of the SAP Sales Academy for Early Talent, a corporate university, and how their strategy had to change due to COVID-19.
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More than a thousand graduates have been through the SAP Sales Academy.

Listen as Frederic Page describes the challenges of training different generations (such as Gen X, Millennials and Gen Z) and how the trends, expectations and needs of each group differs.

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, learning and development had to make a dramatic shift from classroom learning to online delivery. How has this affected the sales academy, and what has Frederic seen to be the advantages of online learning?

Delivering impactful learning at a large scale is a complex endeavor. What has been Frederic’s most valuable secret to deriving the most value from online learning delivery? Listen to find out.