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Imposter Syndrome and Your Performance

What’s the Link? How to Self-Manage Imposter Syndrome

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Imposter Syndrome is an experience where individuals doubt their abilities and go through intense feelings of inadequacy. This book guides you how to manage the experiences of Imposterism.
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Imposter Syndrome is a psychological pattern where individuals experience feelings of inadequacy, it’s also described as an internalised fear of being exposed as a fraud. Despite proven accomplishments, the individual is unable to internalise their success.There are different causes and characteristics of Imposter Syndrome, this book highlights a lot of the background for the causes behind it, along with some of the characteristics and signs to look out for. It also includes new perspectives and practical action steps to manage experiences of Imposterism, to enable you to overcome it.

About the Author

Rosemarie Wilson is an Accredited Mindset Coach, Speaker, Mentor and Founder of Pragmatica Coaching, a Coaching, Training and Consultancy Company.Through the delivery of 1 to 1 programs and workshops, she works with individuals to help nurture their talent, thrive in their role or take the next step in their career, alongside working with organisations that are committed to investing in and retaining talent, whilst supporting an organisational culture of Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging.Her background stems from over 20 years working in FinTech and Change Management in the corporate world.

  • About the Author
  • Author’s Note
  1. What is Imposter Syndrome?
    1. What Are Some of the Primary Causes Behind Imposter Syndrome?
    2. Childhood Conditioning
    3. Influencer Expectations
    4. Career or Academic Setbacks
    5. Quest for Perfection
    6. Case Study
    7. Chapter Summary
  2. What Are Some Characteristics of Imposter Syndrome?
    1. Did You Identify With Any of the Characteristics?
    2. Chapter Summary
  3. What Are Some Signs of Imposter Syndrome?
    1. How Does IS Manifest Itself?
    2. Fear of Failure
    3. Low Self-Esteem
    4. Lack of Self-Confidence
    5. Self-Talk - What to Look Out For?
    6. Performance-Related Stress
    7. Emotional Attachment to the Work You Do
    8. High Achievers
    9. Chapter Summary
  4. When Might Imposter Syndrome Impact You?
    1. Out of Your Comfort Zone
    2. Applying for a New Role
    3. The Interview Process
    4. After a Promotion
    5. Starting a New Role
    6. Being Given Feedback
    7. Chapter Summary
  5. Who Is Likely to Be Impacted by Imposter Syndrome?
    1. Students
    2. Underrepresented Groups
    3. Working Professionals
    4. Business Owners
    5. Chapter Summary
  6. Imposter Syndrome - Friend or Foe?
    1. How Does Imposter Syndrome Affect Your Performance?
    2. Comparing to Impair
    3. Chapter Summary
  7. What’s a Different Perspective for Imposter Syndrome?
    1. Psychological Bundle
    2. Fact vs. Fiction - Are You Really An Imposter?
    3. What Do You Prefer to Be Different?
    4. Fuel Your New Perspective
    5. Chapter Summary
  8. What Action Can I take to Overcome Imposter Syndrome?
    1. Do You Want Change?
    2. Are You Ready for Change?
    3. Journaling
    4. History of Achievements
    5. A New Narrative
    6. Ask for Help
    7. Affirmations
    8. Embracing Change
    9. Professional Support
    10. Chapter Summary
  9. Future Proof Instances of Imposter Syndrome
    1. Create a Plan or Action Guide
    2. What if I Experience Imposter Syndrome Again?
    3. Learning Curve
    4. Growth
    5. Be Encouraging With Yourself
    6. Chapter Summary
  10. Conclusion
About the Author

Rosemarie Wilson