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How to Leave the Office on Time Every Night

14m 19s
Language:  English
In this episode you’ll learn the secret to consistently being able to leave the office on time and without taking work home with you.
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There is a problem that affects almost all of us often for a large part of our working lives – working long hours often to the cost of our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. Stress and poor mental health is on the rise which often leads to reduced productivity and burnout in some cases. In this episode, you will come away with four tools and techniques you can begin to apply today, to help you better manage your time and workload, so you can leave the office on time every night. What difference would that make for you?

About the Author

Anthony runs ThreeFifty9, a mental skills consultancy that specialises in equipping people and teams with the mental skills needed to thrive in today’s world. We focus on developing personal and leadership performance through mental toughness and changing the story around mental health. He is the author of Tips from the Top – the secrets of how to successfully navigate middle management

About the Author

Anthony Taylor