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Five Qualities Every Entrepreneur Should Have

11m 44s
Language:  English
Being an entrepreneur requires a skillset that not everyone has. In this episode, Peter gives his top 5 qualities that every entrepreneur should have.
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Being an entrepreneur is not for everyone. Regardless if you want to start your own business or are entrepreneuring within a bigger organisation, entrepreneurs are a particular kind of people that like to work this way. That does not mean you cannot learn to be an entrepreneur though! In this episode, Peter names his top 5 qualities that are required to start and run a successful business. This top 5 also comes with the risks and downsides of each quality and of course Peter gives a number of examples from the way he runs his own businesses.

About the Author

Even before turning 40, Peter is already a veteran entrepreneur both on- and offline. After his degree in International Business Management he founded a Social Media Strategy consulting business riding the wave of early Social Media adoption in the 2000’s..After a stint as Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Coach, Peter is now an Online Media Creator with various YouTube channels and Podcasts on his weekly roster.

About the Author

Peter Doesburg