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Developing Your Mindset

Improve your Leadership Skills by Understanding Mindsets

Language:  English
An introduction to why mindsets matter in leadership development.
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Developing Your Mindset is for all those with a strong interest in learning about why mindsets matter. It introduces the individual to the six mindset model, an empowering tool that helps the individual recognize and understand why mindsets are so important for leadership development in today’s world. It gives a glimpse of the potential we have as human beings and, on a personal level, what is worth striving for in our team as well as our business or organisation.

About the Author

Martin Permantier is an entrepreneur, author and keynote speaker who has been supporting companies on their strategic development and brand positioning journeys for over 20 years. His experience as an entrepreneur and CEO of SHORT CUTS GmbH DESIGN + KOMMUNIKATION has been gained across a wide variety of industries and underpins a strong and pragmatic approach to the topic of leadership. He shares his insights in seminars, workshops and lectures and has written numerous articles and books.

  1. Leadership and culture in transition
    1. The four levels of communication
    2. See meaning together
  2. The six mindset model
    1. The six mindsets and their development phases
    2. The foundation of our mindset is laid in childhood
    3. The three stages of mindset development
  3. The six mindsets
    1. The self-orientated-impulsive mindset
    2. The group-centric-conformist mindset
    3. The rationalistic-functional mindset
    4. The self-determining-confident mindset
    5. The relativistic-individualistic mindset
    6. The systemic-autonomous mindset
  4. Recognize your mindset
    1. The language of the mindsets
    2. Learning to recognize the mindset you are in
    3. How we experience the mindsets in the course of a day
    4. Mindset and inherent beliefs
    5. Leadership mindsets shape the organizational structures
  5. Conclusion
About the Author

Martin Permantier