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Construction Financial Management: Solutions

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This book contains the answers to the Exercise Questions contained in the 3rd edition of the book “Construction Financial Management” published by Bookboon (Denmark) in 2015.
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This book contains the answers to the Exercise Questions contained in the 3rd edition of the book “Construction Financial Management” published by Bookboon (Denmark) in 2015. There are altogether 20 exercise questions spread in eight chapters of the book. One of them is an open-ended question and so the answer is not given. This book therefore contains 19 answers. Readers may treat these 19 answers as worked examples. They may find that Exercises Questions 4 and 5 of Chapter 3 and Exercise Question 2 of Chapter 4 are interesting and challenging. These are the author’s original work, and as far as the author knows readers will not find these in any other people’s works.

  1. Exercise Questions for Chapter 1 
  2. Exercise Questions for Chapter 2 
  3. Exercise Questions for Chapter 3 
  4. Exercise Questions for Chapter 4 
  5. Economic indicator NPV and financial indicator IRR 
  6. Exercise Questions for Chapter 5 
  7. Exercise Questions for Chapter 6 
  8. Exercise Questions for Chapter 7 
  9. Exercise Questions for Chapter 8 

The book is well written and very easy to comprehend.
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About the Author

S. L. Tang

Dr. S.L. TANG is a Chartered Civil Engineer and obtained his B.Sc. in Civil Engineering from the University of Hong Kong, M.Sc. in Construction Engineering from the National University of Singapore, and Ph.D. from the Civil Engineering Department of Loughborough University in the U.K. He is a Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers (FICE). He had working experience in civil engineering practice in contracting/consulting firms and government departments of Singapore and Hong Kong. He was a Resident Engineer employed by Hong Kong Government before he took up his academic career. Dr. Tang taught in several universities, including those in Hong Kong, Macau, China, Australia, and the USA. He is an engineering economist, and is the first scholar in the world who proposed that NPV (net present value) is an economic indicator and IRR (internal rate of return) a financial indicator in his book Economic Feasibility of Projects (1st edition) published by McGraw-Hill in 1991. He also substantiated the discovery of this fundamental difference between NPV and IRR with mathematical proof, published in the international journal “The Engineering Economist” in 2003. Dr. Tang is currently an Independent Engineering Consultant. Before that, he was an Adjunct Professor of City University of Hong Kong (2011-2015) and of University of Macau (2016-2019). He has written well over one hundred journal/conference papers and research/consultancy reports related to his areas of expertise. Besides these, he has also written ten books and one book chapter.