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Be Purpose Led

The 6 Steps to Better Work

Language:  English
In six practical steps this book will show you how to discover your purpose and create a framework to thrive at work.
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In a world of uncertainty and complexity discovering and leading with purpose provides the framework to actively thrive at work. This book is for you if:You want to understand your big why and how to maximise the impact of purpose at workYou would like to progress faster at work in a meaningful way You want to take a purpose led approach to lifeIn six practical steps this book will show you how to develop a better relationship with your work.

About the Author

Ben Renshaw is one of today’s foremost leadership thinkers. Speaker, coach and author, Ben’s innovative worth leading organisations, senior executives and entrepreneurs has brought him international acclaim. Formerly a classical violinist, Ben now plays a different tune getting the best out of people. He writes about how to lead and be successful in today's volatile world and is the author of ten popular books including LoveWork, Being, and SuperCoaching. As an executive coach and leadership consultant Ben has worked with clients like Allen & Overy, Barclays, BT, Heathrow, Heinz, Henley Business School, InterContinental Hotels Group, KPMG, London Underground, M&S, P&G, Sainsbury's, Sky, UBS, Unilever.

  • About the author
  • Introduction
  1. Why Purpose Matters
    1. Why purpose why now
    2. Have clear identity
    3. Shape direction
    4. Be focused
    5. Unlock energy
    6. Make things meaningful
  2. Discover Purpose
    1. Purpose defined
    2. Discover your purpose
    3. Your purpose at work
    4. Identify team purpose
  3. Develop a Purpose Mindset
    1. Mindset shift
    2. Operating on autopilot
    3. Making conscious choices
    4. Being intentional
    5. Being purpose-led
  4. Apply Purpose Skills
    1. Purpose-led skills
    2. The art of listening
    3. Storytelling
    4. Influencing
    5. Decision making
    6. Learning
  5. Build Purposeful Relationships
    1. Humanity
    2. Psychological safety
    3. Inclusion
    4. Teamwork
  6. Do Purposeful Work
    1. Do what you love
    2. Play to strengths
    3. Be flexible
    4. Do good
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About the Author

Ben Renshaw