Am I Happy with Others?

Reinvent Difficult Work Relationships

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57 pages
Is work good except for one really annoying person? Do you sometimes feel like screaming or quitting your job? Don’t despair! Keep your sanity and job by using these straightforward practices.
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Life Coach, Business Trainer and Author

Having almost 30 years in business, working with a multitude of companies, multi-national clients, in multiple countries and gained a Psychology Masters, accounts for nothing if the knowledge is not applied effectively. The same is true for self-develo...


You are usually a happy soul and enjoy your work. You get along with your colleagues and can usually, iron out any miscommunications or misunderstandings. However, there is just one person who always steals your happiness. They either say or do something in a way that really annoys, worries or frustrates you.
What can you do? Is it possible to change the way they behave towards you? The answer is yes! Now you can learn how to initiate interventions and bring peaceful resolutions to every day conflicts. With straight forward methods and unusual techniques, recreate the relationship in the way you want it to be and turn those sour lemons into sweet lemonade.

About the author

Nazish has helped countless people to turn their lives around from all levels, backgrounds and nationalities. She has worked with a multitude of businesses over the last three decades and specialized in training and development since 1996. With Business Psychology training, a multicultural background and an alternative approach, her books offer realistic methods and unique coaching tools along with down-to-earth advice.

  1. Introduction: When Life Gives You Lemons
    1. The Lemon Challenge
    2. Exercises and Examples
  2. Observe Behaviour: Watching Lemons
    1. The Lemon Farm
    2. Objective Records 
  3. Inside Their Minds: Why Are Lemons Sour? 
    1. Lemon Flavours 
    2. Thought Processes 
    3. The Lemon Farm 
  4. Taking Action: Shake the Lemon Tree 
    1. Types of Conflict 
    2. The Lemon Farm
    3. Process for Peace 
    4. The Lemon Farm 
  5. Repair the Relationship: Sweeten Sour Lemons 
    1. The Lemon Farm 
    2. Reframing 
  6. Treatment is Taught: Avoiding Lemons
    1. Reprogram
    2. Learned Behaviour
    3. The Lemon Dragon’s Lesson
    4. The Lemon Farm
  7. Keep it Sweet: Making Lemonade
    1. Cause and Effect 
    2. Sweet Lemonade Tips 
  • Afterword 
  • Resources