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Agile Teams and Sustainable Project Deliverability

An IT Industry Guide for Dealing with Delivery Uncertainty

Language:  English
This book's purpose and focus are on helping project teams understand how to deliver sustainable performance. The game of Deliverability™ (deliver + ability) is about the team's interactions patterns.
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Ruxandra understood that sustainable delivery performance is about the team rhythm, an additional fresh dimension to the standard views focused on tasks, budget and timelines.

The premise for Deliverability™ is that the people come together as a team for a common purpose.

The game of Deliverability™ (deliver + ability) is about understanding a team's interactions patterns.

A team identifies, understands, agrees and acts on that specific understanding to build sustainable performance, rather than assume, blame or expect others to perform.

About the Author

Ruxandra Dariescu is a Sustainable Performance Business Coach and Digital Transformation Consultant. Through individual and team coaching programmes, Ruxandra helps leaders understand that recognising an interaction play pattern between people can transform performance and free up space for exploration, passions, well-being and sustainable growth. She invented ACCORD Pulse™ and Deliverability™, the first sustainable delivery performance coaching tools. Ruxandra resides with her family in London, UK.

  1. Introduction
    1. The Need to Fix the IT Projects Delivery Problem
    2. The Need to Fix the People Performance Understanding
  2. The Question WHY: Deliverability™ and Purpose Exploration
    1. What is purpose
    2. The importance of purpose
    3. The key question when establishing a purpose
  3. The Question WHAT: Deliverability™ and Objectives Exploration
    1. Achievable objectives and achieved value
    2. Productivity and sustainable performance
    3. From “capacity models” to delivering sustainable performance
    4. Remote working – performance challenge or opportunity
  4. The Question HOW: Team Flow and Deliverability ™
    1. The flow states
    2. Interaction information
    3. Measuring how a project team interacts
  5. The Question of WHO: Self-Leadership and Deliverability™
About the Author

Ruxandra Dariescu