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Advanced Messaging Using PHP7 and Symfony 5

Mostafa Abd-ElHamid Atwa
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Language:  English
Learn how to send messages between components and nodes in a message driven architecture.
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Learn how to work with messaging systems and how to create your development environment and experience the messaging systems.

About the Author

  • Information Systems Engineer
  • CISSP, MCSD, CEH, MCP, Certified in PowerShell, Certified in PHP, JS, Backbone, JAVA, Python
  • Bachelor Degree Holder from Modern Academy for Computer Science and Management Technology in Management Information System.

    1. Microservices Messaging Architecture Overview
    2. How to Organize Your Microservices Technically and For Business
    3. Introduction to Docker
    4. Introduction to Vagrant
    5. Introduction to Linux
    6. Introduction to Symfony 5
    7. A Docker Environment
    8. A Vagrant Environment
    9. A Symfony CRUD Application
    10. The Symfony Messenger Component
    11. WorkiNG with Kafka Alongside PipelineDB
    12. WorkinG with Event Sourcing
    13. Visualizing the Database Using Grafana
    • References