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Expert Talk: 3 Questions Every Brand Must Answer

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Discover the three fundamental questions every brand must answer to effectively position itself for growth. Hosted by Erik Fabian, the founder of Upright Brand.
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Every brand must answer three fundamental questions to effectively position itself for growth. In this expert talk we will explore those three questions and use explore how the questions can help us quickly position our brand or understand another brand. We will look at the Nike case study to illustrate the discussion as we go. Hosted by Erik Fabian, the founder of Upright Brand, this is a great introduction to positioning for someone launching a new brand or reviewing there current brand positioning.

About the Author

Upright Brand

Erik Fabian is the founder of Upright Brand and brand marketing consultancy that helps entrepreneurs stand above the hustle in an age of off-the-shelf ventures. Erik formerly led brand teams at Moleskine America and Greenhouse Software. He has been called a “brand therapist” for his work helping organizations develop their strategy, story, and plan. He is based in Brooklyn, NY and works internationally.