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Your PR Strategy

The Intr@preneur’s Guide to PR Strategy Planning

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How to plan, document & execute your PR Strategy.
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More than ever stakeholders and shareholders are becoming more demanding, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to get your message seen or heard in a very cluttered media landscape where everyone is fighting to get to the top of your newsfeed. Allow this book to gently introduce you to key elements of a successful PR Strategy to help prepare you get on point, on form and on fire to get your message out to your intended audience.

About the author

Fraser Hay is a multi-award-winning entrepreneur, marketing consultant and coach and founder of pragmatic and practical approach to identifying and addressing marketing and entrepreneurial challenges has enabled owners, managers, and founders from over 40 countries around the globe to start and grow their business.A professional keynote speaker who has presented on 3 continents, Fraser shares his 20 years of wisdom to help readers to identify and pursue and achieve their goals and objectives.

  • About The Author
  1. Introduction
  2. Possible Objectives
  3. What’s Newsworthy?
  4. How will you measure your success?
  5. Who Are Your Publics?
  6. Who Are Your Stakeholders?
  7. Conduct a Media Audit
  8. Media Audit - Resources
  9. You Must Have a Story to Tell
  10. Prospects
  11. Problems, Issues, Challenges & Reasons
  12. Media Outlets
  13. Lead Times
  14. Editorial Calendars
  15. Shorten Your URLs
  16. What to Include in a Media Kit?
  17. Authoring Articles (& Blogs) For Syndication
  18. Speaking Engagements
  19. Press Release
  20. Other Tools You Can Use
  21. Template Pitch Letter
  22. Template Company Fact Sheet
  23. Benefits List
  24. Facts & Bullet Points
  25. Case Study Template
    1. Challenge
    2. Solution
    3. Results
    4. Customer Feedback
  26. Template Biography (BIO) Questionnaire
  27. FAQs
  28. Dealing With the Press
  29. Interview Techniques
  30. Issues Management
  31. Crisis ManagementIssues
  32. Risk Assessment
  33. Listening to and monitoring the “Buzz”
  34. Establish Your Share of Voice
  35. Finding Bloggers & Influencers
  36. Your FREE Item of Value
  37. Online Press Releases PRESS RELEASES
  38. Expert Sites
  39. Exhibitions, Tradeshows & Expos
    1. The Event
    2. The Venue
    3. The Stand / Booth
    4. Staff
    5. On Stand Activities
    6. Logistics & Admin
    7. Marketing & Promotion
    8. Sponsorship Opportunities
    9. Attendee / Prospect Considerations
    10. Webinars & Live Streaming Events
    11. Online Event Resources
    12. Competitor Analysis
    13. Evaluating Event’s ROI
    14. Post Event
  40. Planning Your Promotional Activities
  41. Your Own PR Calendar
  • One Last Thing…
About the Author

Fraser Hay