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Virtual Selling Success

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Many customers want to meet with salespeople virtually. Virtual selling is a skill salespeople must master. This book will empower you with tried, tested, and proven virtual selling best practices.
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There has been a shift over recent years as organisations embrace remote and flexible working for their employees. As a result, more customers are not only expecting to meet with salespeople virtually but, as recent research shows, many of them prefer to interact with salespeople in this way. Virtual selling is a skill the modern salesperson must master. Organisations and salespeople that fail to develop this critical competence can expect to be left behind by their competitors.This book will empower you with tried, tested, and proven virtual selling best practices that deliver results.

About the Author

Simon Hazeldine is a sales performance and sales transformation consultant, speaker and elite trainer helping his clients win more sales, more often, with more margin. He has worked in over thirty countries and his client list includes some of the world’s greatest companies. He is the bestselling author of seven books on selling, negotiating, sales management and performance psychology that have been endorsed by business leaders including multi-billionaire business legend Michael Dell. Simon is co-founder of leading sales podcast “The Sales Chat Show”.

  • About the Author
  1. Welcome to the (Not So) New Virtual Selling Reality
    1. Virtual selling is here to stay
  2. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Virtual Selling
    1. The advantages of virtual selling
    2. The disadvantages of virtual selling
    3. What is different about virtual selling, what is missing and what you must do about it!
  3. The virtual selling process
    1. Sales is (to some degree) a process
    2. Start with the customer’s buying process
    3. The 10-step virtual selling process
  4. Virtual Selling Step 1: Preparation and Planning
    1. Preparation checklist
    2. Planning checklist
    3. Research the customer
  5. Virtual Selling Step 2: Set Meeting Objectives
    1. Why “less is more” is the golden rule of virtual selling
  6. Virtual Selling Step 3: Introduction, Rapport, Hook
    1. How to introduce yourself
    2. How to establish rapport in a virtual environment
    3. How to hook the customer’s attention and get them focussed on the virtual meeting
  7. Virtual Selling Step 4: Understand Needs
    1. The 2x rule of virtual selling
    2. What information do you need?
    3. How to structure your questions
  8. Virtual Selling Step 5: Qualify the Opportunity
    1. The 4-step virtual selling qualification process
  9. Virtual Selling Step 6: Agreement to Proceed
    1. How to get the customer’s agreement and permission to “sell” to them
  10. Virtual Selling Step 7: Present & Propose
    1. Why “less is more” is the golden rule of virtual selling (again!)
    2. How to structure a virtual selling presentation
    3. How to effectively use PowerPoint in a virtual selling environment
  11. Virtual Selling Step 8: Reinforce Needs and Solution
    1. How to prime the customer to act
  12. Virtual Selling Step 9: Secure the Result
  13. Virtual Selling Step 10: Follow Up
    1. A sale isn’t a sale until the money is in the bank!
About the Author

Simon Hazeldine