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Transforming Future Leadership Styles

Mastering the Challenges of a Virtual Leader 1

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This eBook intends to help leaders build capability to navigate uncertainty, develop self and better engage with their virtual teams to deliver business outcomes through the pandemic and beyond.
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This eBook series is designed to help leaders develop the mindset, knowledge and ability to navigate uncertainty and their virtual teams by creating a climate of ‘psychological safety’ that encourages high levels of personal and collective performance to deliver business outcomes. It examines the challenges of the virtual business world and the skills and behaviours to maintain leadership effectiveness to changing requirements. It is also voyage into yourself to enable you to adapt your behaviour and style to rapidly changing environments to maximise your effectiveness in any situation.

About the Author

Steve is an accomplished Transformational Change Specialist and Executive Coach with two decades success designing, developing and implementing OD interventions and change solutions across complex and diverse local authorities and private sector settings, with a passion for helping organisations improve business performance by aligning ‘people strategy’ with business needs. Calls upon familiarisation with business challenges faced by senior leaders, drawing upon extensive experience of culture change and leadership development as an accredited executive coach and certified NLP Practitioner.

  • About the author
  • Introduction
  1. Leadership Re-imagined
    1. Virtual leadership – business reality or fad?
    2. What should you and your organisation be doing now?
    3. Enter the ZOIG (Zone of Individual Growth)
    4. Chapter Summary
    5. Internalising and applying your learning
  2. The Virtual Business World
    1. What does the ‘virtual reality’ look like?
    2. Preparing for an unpredictable future
    3. Key challenges to tackle and opportunities to seize
    4. Understanding the future look and feel of work
    5. Enter the ZOIG
    6. Chapter summary
    7. Internalising and applying your learning
  3. Glossary of terms
  • References

About the Author

Steve Twort