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The Subscription Movement

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This book describes the evolution of the subscription movement and explains how you can build your own subscription business through 29 detailed steps. The book also contains cases for inspiration.
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  • About the Author
  • Introduction
  1. The Subscription Evolution
    1. Subscription 1.0
    2. Subscription 2.0
    3. Subscription 3.0
  2. The Spread of Subscriptions
    1. Media
    2. Retail and E-commerce
    3. Food and Groceries
    4. Fashion
    5. Mobility
    6. Furniture, Eyewear, and Other Consumer Durables
    7. Business-to-Business
  3. Scandinavia is at the Forefront of the Subscription Movement
  4. Why Consumers Love Subscriptions
    1. Convenience
    2. Reduced complexity
    3. Inspiration
    4. Community membership
    5. Freedom from ownership
    6. Saving money
  5. Why Companies Benefit from the Subscription Business Model
    1. Predictability
    2. Increased Purchasing Frequency and Customer Lifespan
    3. Fostering Loyalty and Improving Competitive Position
    4. Customer Data and Knowledge
    5. Reduced sales costs
    6. Robust Cash Flow
  6. Subscriptions are Better for the Planet
  7. Conclusion: Say Goodbye to Ownership
  • Appendix: 15 Great Subscription Services
  • References

In recent years, the subscription model has become the prevailing business model of some of the largest companies in the world: Netflix, Spotify, and Amazon all succeeded by using a subscription model.Author Morten Suhr Hansen explains the rise of ‘the subscription movement’ and provides a detailed 29-step guide for creating, scaling, and operating a successful subscription company.In addition to the guide, the book entails 50 examples of successful subscription concepts for you to be inspired.

About the Author

Morten Suhr Hansen is an experienced subscription expert and has held executive positions in subscription businesses in more than 20 years. In 2011 Morten Suhr Hansen founded Subscrybe - a consultancy company that works exclusively for subscription businesses within areas like subscription innovation, acquisition strategies, loyalty building and subscription systems and processes. Subscrybe is based in Copenhagen, Denmark and serves clients in multiple European countries.

About the Author

Morten Suhr Hansen