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The Four Faces of Marketing

Breakthrough Business Empowerment & Marketing Accountability

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In this book readers will learn how the Four Hierarchies of Marketing can be used to allocate the right responsibilities to the appropriately qualified decision makers.
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Ideally, Marketing is accountable, generates bulletproof business outcomes, drives growth and profitability, and empowers the whole organisation. In reality, however, Marketing can be unfathomable, counter-productive, inefficient and cumbersome, offering little or no contribution to corporate growth and unable to create competitive advantage. The Four Faces of Marketing offers a new perspective: Clarity of understanding of Marketing functions, which promises corporate immortality from better delegation of authority due to recognition of defined and divergent skill sets within the profession of Marketing.

  • Author’s Note 
  1. Recognising the Flaws that Can Create or Cause Business Failure
    1. Why Do (Once-successful) Organisations die?
    2. Why has tolerance of high failure rates propagated? 
    3. The Hierarchies of Marketing 
  2. It’s Time Business was More Responsible and Marketing More Accountable 
    1. The Hierarchies of Marketing Provide a Framework for Business Empowerment 
  3. From Marketing Mayhem to Marketing Magic
    1. “I’m in ‘Marketing’” 
    2. What is Marketing? 
    3. What is the expert’s Definition of Marketing? 
    4. The Definition of the word, “Marketing” 
  4. Valuing “Marketing’ 
    1. “Don’t talk to me about marketing, just get out there and sell!”… 
    2. Why have clever, albeit brilliant, business people fallen prey to under-valuing ‘marketing’? 
    3. Modern Day Perceptions of “Marketing”
    4. Understanding the Four Faces of “Marketing” Creates Clarity and Empowerment in building “organisational immortality” 
  5. The Hierarchies of Marketing 
    1. Implications of Organisational Adoption of the Four Faces of Marketing
    2. Limitations of the Four Faces of Marketing 
    3. 4-Faces: Levels of Marketing Function 
    4. Creating Immortal Organisations by adopting the Four Faces of Marketing 
  6. The First of Four Faces – Administrative Marketing
    1. Administration Level “Marketing”: Administration & Support 
  7. Level Two of Four Faces – Operational Marketing 
    1. Operational Level “Marketing” 
  8. When ‘Theory’ Helps – Managerial Marketing 
    1. Is Managerial Marketing Managing Customer Happiness, or more?
    2. Conscious of the NPS (New Promoter Score)
    3. How does a Managerial Marketer Improve Marketing Productivity? 
  9. Strategic Marketing
    1. It’s time to recognise Failure and Reject it as Unacceptable 
    2. Most executives get confused between Strategy and Tactics.
    3. Training in Strategic Marketing helps 
  10. Implications of the Hierarchies of Marketing for Investment, Recruitment & Organisational Management 
    1. Hierarchies of Marketing to Improve Marketing Productivity & Accountability 
    2. Hierarchies of Marketing Considerations for M&A (Merger & Acquisition), Investors and Venture Capitalists
    3. Hierarchies of Marketing Considerations for HR Directors
    4. Hierarchies of Marketing Considerations for Recruiters & Management Consultants 
    5. Hierarchies of Marketing Considerations for CEO’s
    6. Hierarchies of Marketing Considerations for Chief Marketing Officers
    7. Hierarchies of Marketing Considerations for Advertising Agencies, Research Agencies & Marketing Services Providers 
    8. Hierarchies of Marketing Considerations for Aspiring Business Executives
    9. Recruitment – An example of the Misunderstanding of ‘Marketing’ Syndrome
    10. Fear of the Unknown Can Nurture Bad Habits
  11. Harvesting Immortality and Greater Riches from Marketing
    1. Organisational Structure for Utilising Appropriate Marketing Governance
  • Appendix 1: The Part Academia has Played
  • Have Academic Educators in Marketing Completely Dropped the Ball and partly to Blame?
  • Appendix 2: Weapons of the Strategic Commando
  • Market Segmentation
  • Product Analysis 
  • NPD New Product Development with Success in Mind 
  • Rudimentary Tools that Empower the Marketing Educated 
  • About The Author 
  • Back Cover 
  • Endnotes 
It is worth reading it. Excellent!!!!
Great book, got a lot out of it and found it easy to understand. Thank you for making it available.
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Leigh Cowan