The Changing Landscape of Public Relations

Matias Rodsevich Talks about his Book ‘The PR Paradox’

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22m 31s
Rodsevich explains why public relations is important for startups and scale-ups. Next he talks about (lean) branding, thought leadership, how to hire the right PR agency and the impact of COVID-19.
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O autorovi

Matias Rodsevich has 10+ years of vast PR & Marketing experience in B2B, B2C, technology and product communications across corporate, startup and agency environments. He worked for international tech clients such as IBM and Google Argentina, then moved to Amsterdam to work for Impraise, a web-based and mobile HR tech solution solving the pain of the annual performance reviews. After jobs as corporate PR & Marketing Manager and Head of Integrated Communications Rodsevich founded his own marketing agency: PR Lab in Amsterdam. Urban Nomads is a Dutch-based podcast on the new economy.