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The Business of Writing Blogs

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A strategic, creative and well crafted blog is a big and beautiful shop window for your business or organisation.
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A strategic, creative and well crafted blog is a big and beautiful shop window for your business or organisation. It can draw attention to the great things you’re doing, generate trade, and establish you as a leader in your field, allowing you to charge premium prices. Even better, done smartly and strategically, writing blogs and online articles needn’t take up much of your precious time. The Business of Writing Blogs will guide you through everything you need to know to write an elegant, appealing and effective blog.

About the Author

Simon Hall is a Course Leader at the University of Cambridge, runs his own business communication agency, Creative Warehouse, and is a journalist, author, and business coach.

He teaches communication, media, business, writing, presentation, storytelling, and public relations skills at Cambridge, along with universities across England, for government departments, and companies.

Simon has a series of books on communication published, including - public speaking and presentations - writing blogs - how to secure media coverage - and leadership communication - along with eight thriller novels.

  • Introduction
  1. Strategy
    1. Specialism and Story
    2. The Story
    3. How Often?
    4. How Long?
    5. Where to Post?
    6. Promise Me Please
  2. How to Get Noticed Online
    1. Titles
    2. Famous Headlines
    3. Famous Books
    4. The Three I’s
  3. Openings
    1. The Classics
    2. The Soundtrack
  4. Storytelling and Structure
    1. A Complete Story
    2. Editing
    3. Conflict and Change
  5. Endings
    1. Memorability
    2. Intrigue
    3. Action
  6. Writing Style
  7. The Character of Your Writing
    1. The Impact of Character
    2. The Competitive Edge of Character
    3. Take Care With Your Character
  8. Photos
    1. Visual Blogs
    2. Moments of History
    3. Smartphone Photography Made Simple
    4. Stock Shots
  9. Attracting Attention
    1. Content is King
    2. Keywords
    3. Keyword Research
    4. Keyword Stuffing
    5. Analytics and Tools
  10. Layout
    1. White Space
    2. Headings and Sections
    3. Pictures
    4. Indents, Italics and Bullets
    5. Fonts and Colours
  11. Building an Audience
  • Conclusion
I absolutely love this book. It is easy to read and very engaging. There are many practical examples. I am much more confident now with writing blog posts.
Another fantastic entry by the excellent author Simon Hall. The book is informative and a joy to read.
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About the Author

Simon Hall