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The Bullwhip Effect in Supply Chain Management

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Distortion in information among the members of the supply chain network (popularly called as “The Bullwhip Effect”) can cause a reduction in the operational efficiency of a business leading to losses.
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Shifts in demand are problematic for every supply chain. The Bullwhip effect refers to the phenomenon where the fluctuation of inventory amplifies as one goes upstream the supply chain. A small variance in the demands of the downstream end customers may cause dramatic variance in the upstream demand under the condition that the distortions of demand related information exist among members of the supply chain network. In response to the bullwhip effect, automotive industry adopted just in time, textile industries used quick response and retail industries implemented efficient consumer response.

About the author

Venkatesh Ganapathy presently works as Associate Professor (Marketing) in Presidency Business School, Bangalore. He has worked in the industry for close to two decades in organisations like Castrol India Limited (part of BP PLC) and Firepro Systems Private Limited. He has had a rich and diverse cross-functional experience during his stint in the corporate world. He has published 15 books so far. He is also the author of 50 research papers that have been published in national and international journals of repute. He has presented his research efforts in national and international conferences and has been the recipient of awards and scholarships. He has a profound interest in content marketing and has written over 300 blogs. His research interests are in retail marketing, services marketing and  supply chain management.

  • Prologue
  1. The Bullwhip Effect
  2. Causes of Bullwhip Effect
  3. Consequences of Bullwhip Effect
  4. Jay Forrester – Discoverer of Bullwhip Effect
  5. Hau Lee & his Contribution to the Bullwhip Effect
  6. Research on Bullwhip Effect
  7. Managing Echelon Inventory
  8. Variability and Uncertainty in a Supply Chain
  9. The Service Bullwhip Effect
  10. Bullwhip Effect in a Health Care Supply Chain
  11. Bullwhip Effect in a Hybrid Supply Chain
  12. Industry Examples of Bullwhip Effect
  13. Bullwhip Effect in Shipping Industry
  14. The Beer Game Model in Supply Chain
  15. The Green Bullwhip Effect
  16. Mitigating the Bullwhip Effect
About the Author

Venkatesh Ganapathy