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Strengthen your brain’s executive skills

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You can cope with any weaknesses and even strengthen them. This book shows you how.
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Sometimes referred to as” habits of the mind”, a person’s “executive skills” are those brain-based skills required to execute tasks – that is, such things as getting organized, planning, initiating work, staying on task, controlling impulses, regulating emotions, and being adaptable and resilient.

Up to twelve executive skills have been identified, according to recent books, and these skills primarily reside in the front part of the brain called the prefrontal cortex. In this book, Harold reviews each of the twelve skills, providing descriptions, the impact of weaknesses, and ways of both coping with any weaknesses and strengthening them – so that you can excel at managing your time, your professional achievements, and your life.

  1. The battle for your brain
    1. When you leave the office, the interruptions follow
  2. What are executive skills?
    1. The CEO of your brain
    2. Executive skills and ADHD
  3. The role of executive skills
    1. Strengthening your executive skills is a lifelong process
    2. Executive skills and management functions
  4. Brain-based skills that impact how you manage time
    1. Working with your skills
    2. Twelve executive skills
  5. Response inhibition – easy does it
    1. Think before you act
  6. Working memory – hanging onto ideas
    1. Hold that thought – it’s harder than you think
    2. The importance of working memory
  7. Emotional control – keeping your cool
    1. Do people who can’t control their anger really make you mad?
  8. Sustained attention – a vanishing skill
    1. Is your attention span decreasing?
  9. Task initiation – the uncommon strength
    1. A new way of looking at procrastination
  10. Planning/prioritization – a time management must
    1. Getting the important things done
  11. Time management and organization
    1. Do you have time to for time management?
  12. Goal-directed persistence
    1. To achieve a goal, insist on persisting
  13. Flexibility – a survival skill
    1. Bend over backwards to be flexible
  14. Metacognition – the managerial skill
    1. Have you ever thought about your thinking?
  15. Stress tolerance – a 21st century necessity
    1. Building stress resistance
  16. Suggestions for strengthening all the executive skills
    1. Don’t cut back on sleep
    2. Exercise your brain
    3. Balance high tech with high touch
    4. Watch what you eat
    5. Break the habit of forming habits
  17. About the author
About the Author

Harold Taylor

Harold Taylor, CSP, president of Harold Taylor Time Consultants Ltd., and now operating as Taylor In Time, was a Quality Control Supervisor and Plant Manager in industry for 12 years and a teaching master at Humber College of Applied Arts & Technology in Toronto, Canada for eight years before launching into the consulting business. He has been speaking, writing and conducting training programs on the topic of effective time management for over 35 years. He has written over 20 books, including a Canadian bestseller, Making Time Work for You. He has developed over 50 time management products, including the popular Taylor Planner, which has sold in 38 countries around the world. He has had over 300 articles accepted for publication.

A past director of the National Association of Professional Organizers, Harold Taylor received their Founder’s Award in 1999 for outstanding contributions to the organizing profession. He received the CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) designation in 1987 from the National Speakers Association. In 1998 the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers inducted him into the Canadian Speaking Hall of Fame. And in 2001, he received the first Founder’s Award from the Professional Organizers in Canada. The award has been named in his honor.

Since 1981, when he incorporated the original time management company, he has personally presented over 2000 workshops, speeches and keynotes on the topic of time and life management. 

Harold lives in Sussex, New Brunswick, Canada. He writes e-books for (25 to date), some of which have been translated into other languages, publishes a weekly blog at his website (also posted on Facebook & Twitter), a quarterly time management newsletter for his 2000 plus subscribers, sends out weekly tweets, and speaks to senior’s and other groups on “growing older without growing old” in addition to “time and life management.”

He is active in his local church, a member of the board of directors of Sussex & Area Chamber of Commerce, president of the Fundy Silverados Friendship Club, writes a column on business in the Kings County Record, and performs additional volunteer work in his spare time.