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Strategic Innovation Frameworks

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The book highlights the need and importance of strategic innovations and the framework through which strategic innovations can deliver long-term customer value.
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Strategic innovation is a combination of inquiry and action. It involves creative inspiration and needs a holistic approach. Strategic innovation is a systematic and organized process of combining traditional and non-traditional approaches to innovation so that short term results can be used as crucial insights for exploring long term possibilities. Strategic innovation is open minded exploration, experimentation, thinking, decision making, action and results oriented approach. It is learning by doing. Businesses must look beyond established boundaries and mental models.

About the Author

Venkatesh Ganapathy completed degree in oil technology from University Department of Chemical Technology (UDCT) in 1992. He joined Castrol India Limited as a Management Trainee and got exposure in cross-functional areas like Research, Technical Support/ Services, Database management, Project Management, ERP, Business Process Support etc. He earned a post-graduate diploma in management from Southern New Hampshire College, Boston in 1998. He joined full time academia in 2012 after two decades of corporate experience. Since then he has published more than 50 research papers.

  • About the Author
  1. Introduction to Strategic Innovation
    1. Learning Outcomes
    2. What is Innovation?
    3. Strategic Innovation
    4. Aim of Strategic Innovation
    5. Characteristics of Strategic Innovations
    6. Chapter Summary
  2. Principles of Strategic Innovation
    1. Learning Outcomes
    2. Introduction
    3. Principles of Strategic Innovation
    4. Strategic innovation & customer value
    5. Sources of strategic innovation
    6. Chapter Summary
  3. Framework for Strategic Innovation
    1. Learning Outcomes
    2. Drivers for success of strategic innovation frameworks
    3. Components of strategic innovation framework
    4. What is needed to support strategic innovation framework
    5. Pre-requisites for a strategic innovation framework
    6. Fundamental concepts of strategic innovation framework
    7. Steps in developing a strategic innovation framework
    8. Chapter Summary
  4. Benefits of Strategic Innovation
    1. Learning Outcomes
    2. Benefits of strategic innovation
    3. Barriers to strategic innovation
    4. Chapter Summary
  5. Fundamentals of Strategic Innovation
    1. Learning outcome
    2. Strategic innovation & organizational performance
    3. Service innovations
    4. Chapter Summary
  6. Drivers of innovation strategy
    1. Learning Outcomes
    2. Introduction
    3. Key elements of an innovative strategy
    4. Developing an innovation strategy
    5. Drivers of successsful implementation of strategic innovation projects
    6. Business model innovation
    7. Value Innovation
    8. Chapter Summary
  7. Great Strategists are like Scientists
    1. Learning Outcome
    2. Chapter summary
  8. Creativity and Innovation
    1. Learning Outcomes
    2. What is Creativity?
    3. Creativity & Innovation
    4. Chapter Summary
  9. Open Innovation
    1. Learning outcomes
    2. Introduction to Open Innovation
    3. Innovative Milleux
    4. Benefits of Open Innovation
    5. Chapter Summary
  10. Strategic Innovation & Team Work
    1. Learning outcome
    2. Importance of team work
    3. Selection of teams
    4. Dealing with uncertainty using effective teams
    5. Encourage reflexivity in teams
    6. Chapter Summary
  11. Strategic Cost Optimization
    1. Learning outcome
    2. Introduction
    3. Essentials for innovation
    4. Value delivery through cost optimization
    5. Chapter Summary
  12. Case Study: How can late entrants win in the innovation race?
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About the Author

Venkatesh Ganapathy