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Paid search provides a blueprint for internet advertising: woven into the user experience, fast, measurable and extremely flexible. Learn paid search to understand the economics of the internet.
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Search engine advertising made Google and its free services possible. It also brought us Yandex in Russia and Baidu in China. Paid search revolutionized marketing because of its usefulness. It proved that advertising didn't have to be annoying and didn't have to divert attention away from the user's interest. Search marketing in its original form is one of the most efficient advertising channels that has ever existed. It is fully measurable for the advertisers and it drives value for the user.In its original form it is based on keywords, text ads, real-time auction bidding and quality scoring. Today it has added audience targeting, advanced optimization algorithms and dynamic ad formats. Learning to master search engine advertising is understanding the economics of the internet. It is also a foundation for mastering all types of digital advertising.

About the Author

Digital marketing strategist, writer, entrepreneur, Anders Hjorth is a frequent speaker on search engine marketing and Amazon marketing, as well as a judge on various industry awards in the area of search marketing, social media marketing and content marketing. He is also a member of the board of the Paid Search Association.Anders is the founder of Innovell. Provider of Digital Marketing Insights. Innovell has created four research reports that Anders has authored and co-authored:Major Trends in Paid SearchPaid Search StrategiesMarketing on AmazonDigital Marketing in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous WorldAnders was the Founder of several Digital Marketing agencies in Paris: Relevant Traffic [Search Marketing], BDBL MEDIA [Biddable Media] and aznos [Content Marketing] acquired by Altima in 2016 and then Accenture in 2017. Anders was also COO at GroupM Search across EMEA. He has worked for over 2 decades across SEO, Paid Search, Affiliate marketing, Social Media, Social Ads, Content Marketing, Display and Programmatic and also web development, hosting & domain names.

  1. Search advertising
  2. What paid search is and how it evolved
    1. Search in the media landscape
    2. How search emerged
    3. The invention of paid search –
    4. Google invented the Quality Score
    5. Keywords are key to search marketing
    6. Positioning paid search in the user journey
  3. Anatomy of the search results page
    1. From interruption to interest
    2. Ad results integrated into the user journey
    3. Sponsored results
    4. Local pack
    5. Shopping results
    6. The superior metrics of paid search and the economic model
  4. Operating PPC campaigns in search engines
    1. The basics of search advertising campaigns
    2. Keywords
    3. Landing pages
    4. Ad copy
    5. Bids
    6. How a campaign is organized
    7. Ad groups
    8. The arrival of ad types and placements
    9. Newer ad types
    10. Ad placements
    11. Partner networks
    12. Non-search partners
    13. The addition of audience targeting
    14. What artificial intelligence is bringing to the equation
    15. Setting up a search advertising campaign
  5. What the future holds for search marketing
    1. The nature of information search evolution
    2. Natural language processing (NLP)
    3. Voice as the interface for search
    4. Enrich the context with data
    5. From search to personal assistants
    6. Data and AI are modifying the advertising equation
    7. AI-driven campaign optimization
    8. Less raw data and less transparency
    9. Audience targeting replacing keywords
    10. The future of search advertising is visual but opaque as AI runs it
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About the Author

Anders Hjorth