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Reverse Mentoring

Lessons from the New, for the Experienced

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A groundbreaking book that explores the transformative power of reverse mentorship in the modern workplace.
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Discover how seasoned professionals can benefit from the fresh perspectives, tech-savvy insights, and cultural fluency of younger colleagues. With a lively and forward-thinking tone, the book delves into the strategies, success stories, and practical tactics that can help individuals and organizations harness the potential of this dynamic approach to mentorship.

About the Author

Donna Karlin: A transformational force. With 40+ years in coaching psychology, and leadership development, she sparks excellence. Her wisdom empowers industry giants and entrepreneurs, propelling them to heights. A masterful wordsmith, Donna's wit-infused coaching unlocks potential, addressing core challenges. Author, speaker, provocateur—she redefines leadership globally. Her legacy thrives in The Shadow Coaching® method, unearthing dormant power. TED Fellow coach, Harvard Founding Fellow—Donna's unstoppable passion leaves an indelible mark.

  • About the Author
  • Introduction: Old Dogs, New Tricks, and a World Upside Down
  1. The Mentorship Revolution
    1. The Old Rules are Dead: Why Traditional Mentorship Falls Short
    2. From Top-Down to Bottom-Up: Flipping the Mentorship Hierarchy
    3. Awakening the C-Suite: The Urgent Need for Reverse Mentoring
  2. The Digital Divide
    1. The Connectivity Conundrum: The Digital Exclusion of Senior Leadership
    2. Byte-Sized Lessons: Tech Skills That Matter
    3. Navigating the Generational Digital Divide: Building Tech-Savvy Leadership Teams
  3. The Cultural Shift
    1. From ‘OK Boomer’ to ‘Teach Me, Zoomer’: Changing Attitudes
    2. The Silent Power of Soft Skills: Emotional Intelligence and More
    3. Woke Up Like This: Social Awareness in Business
  4. The Communication Code
    1. From Memos to Memes: Language Evolution
    2. The Emoji Economy: Conveying More with Less
    3. Say It Like You Meme It: Authenticity in Communication
  5. Speed-Dating with Innovation
    1. Failure as a Fashion Statement: The Value of Rapid Prototyping
    2. Rethinking the Rulebook: Creative Problem-Solving
    3. Agile Age, Agile Sage: Adopting New Frameworks
  6. The Equity Equation
    1. From Glass Ceilings to Sticky Floors: Barriers to Break
    2. Diversity Isn’t a Checkbox: True Inclusivity
    3. Young Allies: How the New Workforce is Shaping Inclusivity
  7. Upward Mobility, Downward Mentorship
    1. Climbing Down the Ladder: Building Bi-Directional Career Paths
    2. Sponsorship Reversed: Investing in Future Leaders
    3. Peer Beyond Titles: Creating Equitable Relationships
  8. The Future-Proof Executive
    1. Leading by Listening: Embracing Vulnerability
    2. Wisdom 2.0: Lifelong Learning as a Leadership Tool
    3. Mentorship in the Metaverse: The Future of Reverse Mentoring
    • Epilogue: The Revolution Will Be Mentored
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About the Author

Donna Karlin