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Reimagining the Home Work Space

Practical Advice for an Optimal Working Environment

11m 42s
Language:  English
A change of attitude can start to change your environment. Here are some practical tips to create a setting that is more conducive to your working and living habitat.
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This Expert Talk helps you to change your thinking to recognise your home working environment impacts your mood and productivity. Once we realise this, we are half way there to creating an optimum environment that is conducive for our working and living habitat.Practical tips from video lighting to storage boxes that become benches, thinking smart about incorporating our working environment into our home environment and then cascading that information to others so that we are happier and more productive.

About the Author

Vickie Lea is a Fellow of the Institute of Consulting and has the formal accreditation with over 2000 hours of face-to-face training in business to achieve a two Masters in both business and consultancy. Additionally she has over 1000+ hours proven practice in the private sector. She is known as the Democrat, leading through establishing a collective sense direction to create a popular consensus.

About the Author

Vickie Lea Payne