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Prevent Zoombombing: 7 Tips to Save Your Meetings

Stop Those Pesky Pranksters from Ruining Your Zoom Meetings

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Zoombombing is a common cyberattack. If you're tired of pesky pranksters disrupting and ruining your meetings, then this audio is for you! Get seven simple ways to prevent zoombombers.
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Hackers and pranksters are always on the prowl for new ways to annoy people. One of their favorite techniques is called "zoombombing." Zoombombing is a typical cyberattack where people invade a Zoom meeting event with the intention of being as disruptive as possible. If you're tired of pesky pranksters disrupting and ruining your meetings (or want to avoid it entirely!), then this lesson is for you. Get seven simple settings you can use within Zoom to prevent zoombombers.

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Jen McFarland is a compassionate champion of entrepreneurs, founders, and business owners. She has more than 25 years of experience in leadership, digital marketing, and tech project planning across corporate, nonprofit, and government arenas.As CEO of Women Conquer Business, she consults with businesses on configuring marketing software and processes to suit their unique growth needs.

About the Author

Jennifer McFarland