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PASSTA: It's the New Take on SPIN Selling

18m 49s
Language:  English
B2B sales experts talk about PASSTA, a way to SPICE UP your discovery sales calls to close more sales faster. It’s the new take on SPIN Selling!
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Most salespeople sell too soon. They hear a few key problems and then they just start selling on their great solution. That’s too fast.  If the prospect doesn’t see a problem, there is no problem! As part of our Virtual Selling Series, in this episode we discuss PASSTA, a way to SPICE UP your discovery calls to close more sales faster. It’s the new take on SPIN Selling. By the end of this episode, you will have learned how to follow a logical structure to your discovery meeting to first uncover if there is a fit between your product and service and the prospect needs, as well as how to better qualify if this is a good prospect or is the salesperson is just wasting their time.  We also discuss why so many discovery meetings start off great and then the prospect goes dead or stops communicating, and finally, why stories that connect on an emotional level are so important to the buying process.

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