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Marketing in the 21st Century

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This book explains the changes that have given rise to the new marketing of the 21st century. It also provides a crystal clear vision of the technological future that lies ahead.
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This book explains the changes that have taken place in recent years which have given rise to the new marketing of the 21st century.Learn about the transfer of power between the market and the consumer. Discover the new technologies that permeate everything in the business world. Find out about the tools used to improve the strategic performance of social networks. And see a unique vision of the technological future ahead.

About the Author

Mr. Medina has worked in the world of communication and marketing for several decades. Highlights of his track record include being Creative Director for renowned advertising agencies McCann-Erickson and Lintas,Creative Manager at Norman, Craig & Kummel, International Vice President at Foote, Cone & Belding and Founder and President of La Banda de Agustín Medina. In 2004, he switched from Advertising Executive to Independent Strategic Advisor.His extensive experience and recognition have allowed him to participate as a jury member at several international advertising festivals, namely Cannes Festival, 4 Awards in Hong Kong, Achap Chile and the Festival de Comunicación de Bien Público in La Havana, Cuba. Agustín has also been jury President at festivals such as El Sol and FIAP in San Sebastián and Buenos Aires) and NOVA in Colombia, along with many other prestigious events in the world of international advertising.

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  1. The old marketing of the 20th century
  2. The customer takes control
  3. Marketing is no longer what it used to be
  4. The digital era
  5. Social networks and social media marketing
  6. Community management: SEM, SEO and web analytics
  7. CRM, Branded Content and Virtual Reality
  8. Communication is the new marketing
  9. The technological future
About the Author

Agustín Medina Fernández