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Mastering the Sales Cycle

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Master the key principles and stages of the sales cycle and lead your customers through a predictable, consistent, and professional buying experience.
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Master the key principles and stages of the sales cycle and lead your customers through a predictable, consistent, professional buying experience. From prospecting and qualifying through to solution building and closing, understanding the sales cycle will enable you to understand customer behaviour, what motivates their decisions and how to consistently predict where best to focus your resources. This book will shift your thinking from sales as a transaction to building sustainable and mutually rewarding commercial relationships.

About the Author

Peter Freeth is a UK based international consultant, master coach, author and speaker who builds high performing cultures. He has written eighteen books and has worked with some of the world's most recognised businesses, doubling sales conversion rates, reducing graduate development time and achieving up to 700% increase in profitability. Peter is the host of Bookboon’s ‘In Focus’ podcast series.

  1. The Sales Cycle
    1. The Buying Process
    2. Decisions
  2. Prospecting
    1. Cold calling
    2. Social Media
    3. Networking Events
  3. Qualifying
    1. Ideal Customer
    2. Qualification Criteria
  4. Opening
    1. This Isn’t a Sales Call
    2. What Do You Want?
    3. Taking Control
    4. Email Enquiries
    5. The Most Important Question
  5. Needs
    1. Gathering Needs
    2. Recording Information
    3. Checking you Understand
    4. What’s it worth?
  6. Building Value
  7. Solution
    1. Proposals
  8. Handling Objections
    1. True Objection
    2. Preventing Objections
    3. Handling objections
  9. Closing
    1. Common Closing Methods
    2. Reinforcing the Decision
    3. Setting Expectations
  10. Follow Up
    1. Create a Schedule
  11. The End
  12. About the Author
    1. Contacting Peter
    2. Testimonials

About the Author

Peter Freeth

Peter Freeth is a leading business coach, trainer, presenter, author and consultant who has a rare mix of communication, technical and business skills and an interest in learning and developing new tools and techniques that help others get the results they want, more easily and more often.

Peter has been developing innovative NLP applications for over 20 years and has delivered programs for a number of leading UK training organisations as well as bespoke corporate programs in the UK and world wide.