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Marketing Channels for Your Campaign

A Guide to Choosing the Right Channels for Your Campaign

Language:  English
This book guides the user on various channels and key considerations to ensure beneficial choices. The decisions made here can make the difference between revenue-generating or loss-making campaigns
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The marketing world is a minefield of various techniques, acronyms, and terminology such as digital, traditional, UX, CPL, SEO, PPC etc. It is confusing and overwhelming. Business owners and companies do not want to earn doctorates in marketing; they want to know how to use it to communicate, engage with, and convert customers. This guide in a clear, jargon free and concise manner takes the user through the available marketing channels and how to decide on which ones to use for your campaigns.

About the Author

Reshma Jobanputra is a sales and marketing consultant based in London. She uses her 15+ years of entrepreneurial experience and professional qualifications, MBA (Entrepreneurship), and Performance coaching diploma to help business owners and companies accelerate their business growth. Her passion is sharing her knowledge to make marketing accessible and easier to use. She is regularly invited to give talks and is featured in publications on this subject. Her other love is chocolate.

  • Overview, targets and aims
  • Author bio
  • Introduction
  1. Pre-Work
    1. Campaign Objectives
    2. KPIs
    3. Target Audience/Buyer & Messaging
    4. Buyers’ Journey
    5. Team/Budget
    6. Monitoring & Review
  2. Different Types of Marketing
    1. Digital Marketing
    2. Traditional Marketing
    3. Integrated Marketing
    4. Channel Classification
  3. Digital Marketing Channels
    1. Website
    2. SEO
    3. Email Marketing
    4. Content Marketing
    5. Social Media Marketing
    6. PPC
    7. Video
    8. Display Advertising
  4. Deep Dive into Social Media
    1. Facebook
    2. LinkedIn
    3. Instagram
    4. Twitter
    5. YouTube
    6. Top 10 (based on MAUs (Monthly Active Users))
    7. New Kids on the Block
    8. The golden rules
  5. Traditional Marketing
    1. Direct messaging
    2. Print
    3. TV
    4. Radio
    5. Event Marketing
  6. Integrated Marketing
  7. Pitfalls!
    1. Common Mistakes
  8. Metrics
    1. Buyers Journey metrics
    2. Analytics
  9. Summary
  10. Cheat Sheet
About the Author

Reshma Jobanputra