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Market Research – Glass Half-full or Half-empty?

How You Get Your Research Studies Noticed and Acted Upon

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As a researcher you’ve done a tremendous job solving your company’s problem(s). You’ve only done half the job. You now need to win the hearts and minds of those who will be implementing your solutions
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This e-book provides in-depth insights into how to convince those senior managers, who have their own comfort zones, that the recommendations you have made as a researcher are the way forward for your company. It’s not just a formal presentation you need to make…it’s beyond that. The transformation from glass half-empty to glass half-full is supported by real-life case studies to illustrate how market research can drive a business forward.

About the Author

David C. S. Murray MBA, B.A. (Hons), Dip M, M CInstM, Chartered Marketer, Dip MRS is the Director of his own consultancy, and has the ultimate responsibility for carrying out all research projects from initial brief to final presentation. David has gained over 40 years experience in research roles within Telewest Communications, Liverpool Daily Post and Echo, and Littlewoods, and has great knowledge of Market and Social Research covering all aspects of consumer, business-to-business and behavioural research.

  • Forward
  1. Profile and Background
  2. Setting the scene
  3. Report Writing
  4. How not to communicate your findings
  5. How to better communicate your findings
  6. Case Studies
  • Bibliography
  • Endnotes
About the Author

David Murray