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Look Before you Leap

Introduction to Market Research

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Based on commercial experience as a Market Research practitioner – how investing a small amount of money in Market Research can underpin major commercial decisions
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You are responsible for launching a new product or service. You know that the commercial graveyard is full of failed product launches. The future of your company’s development...and probably your job...depends on the product and its launch being successful. New product development and subsequent launch and ongoing marketing require major investment so why not spend a small fraction of this by investing in Market Research?

About the Author

David C. S. Murray MBA, B.A. (Hons), Dip M, M CInstM, Chartered Marketer, Dip MRS is the Director of his own consultancy, and has the ultimate responsibility for carrying out all research projects from initial brief to final presentation. David has gained over 40 years experience in research roles within Telewest Communications, Liverpool Daily Post and Echo, and Littlewoods, and has great knowledge of Market and Social Research covering all aspects of consumer, business-to-business and behavioural research.

  • Listing of figures
  • Forward
  1. Profile and Background
  2. What exactly is Market Research?
  3. Triggers for Market Research?
  4. Secondary and Primary Market Research
  5. Examples and case studies of the effectiveness of Market Research
  6. The Future of Market Research...or should I say the Present?
  • Bibliography
  • Endnotes
About the Author

David Murray