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Leadership and Communication in Times of Crisis

Dancing in the Storm with Confidence!

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This book reveals recommendations reflecting contemporary best practices in leadership that will enable you to better manage crises and communicate effectively and efficiently in any crisis situation.
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Most crises very often escalate into major disasters because they are either inadequately managed, or leaders are not sufficiently prepared. It could be very difficult to cope with the turbulent events that shape today's world at every level. To optimize the management of turbulent situations, this book puts forward recommendations reflecting contemporary best practices in leadership with an aim to better deal with crises and communicate effectively & efficiently with various publics and stakeholders, whether it is a global, national, organizational, or even personal crisis.

About the Author

Franklin is an inspirational leader with a passion for excellence. As well as holding senior executive positions in international companies and institutions, he inspires caring organizations and professionals to find and realize their full potential effectively, through the design and implementation of bespoke, high value-added strategies for clients in record time. Franklin will help you to develop and implement relevant, effective, practical, and personalized solutions that will allow you to stand out in our increasingly turbulent, complex, chaotic and ever so demanding global market.

  1. Introduction
  2. Crises and their impacts
    1. The crises
    2. Impacts of-crises
    3. Human’s reactions to crises
    4. Crisis Management
  3. Leadership in times of crisis
    1. Leadership: Fundamentals
    2. Upgrade your leadership skills
    3. Leadership in times of crisis
  4. Communication in times of crisis
    1. Strategic communication: the basics
    2. Communication in times of crisis
  5. Conclusion
  6. References
About the Author

Franklin Kamnang Ngansop