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IT Performance Management

Measuring the Business Contribution of IT organizations

Language:  English
The book gives a balanced overview of managing information technology quantitatively. It considers services and costs, processes and projects, key performance indicators and various helpful methods.
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IT performance management is dedicated to the quantitative management of information technology and its usage in business environments. The book gives a sound overview. It covers not only costs and resource consumption, but also discusses services, processes, projects, and total IT organizations. The guiding themes are measurement and monitoring. Hence key performance indicators are investigated for each subject, and a performance management toolbox completes the considerations. A lot of exercises help to strengthen and extend the reader´s knowledge about IT performance management.

About the author

Martin Kütz is working as a professor for business information systems at the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences in Köthen (Germany). His research and teaching is based on 27 years work in IT management, management consulting and IT consulting. He always aims at building bridges between information technology and economics. He is convinced that technology has to follow business. This book on E-Commerce was written under this aspect. Martin Kütz also is a well known expert for managing IT organisations with key performance indicators and scorecards.

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  • Table of abbreviations
  1. Management, performance and governance 
    1. The basic management model
    2. The management control cycle
    3. Management objects 
    4. Performance management 
    5. Implementation of performance management
    6. Management system 
    7. Perspectives of IT management 
    8. Challenges 
    9. Exercises 
  2. Measurement, Metrics and Monitoring 
    1. Performance 
    2. The output-input model 
    3. Availability, response time, and capacity
    4. Measuring the target achievement 
    5. Performance and environmental characteristics 
    6. Typical examples of performance characteristics 
    7. Typical examples of environmental characteristics 
    8. Challenges of measurement and monitoring 
    9. Characteristics and strategic management
    10. Exercises
  3. Cost Management 
    1. Definition of cost 
    2. Views onto costs
    3. Challenges for IT costs
    4. Methods of cost accounting 
    5. Exercises
  4. Resource and Capacity Management 
    1. Goods and services
    2. Capacity management 
    3. Planning
    4. Monitoring
    5. Human resource management
    6. Hardware management 
    7. Software management
    8. Service management
    9. Exercises 
  5. Service Management and Charging
    1. Foundations of service management
    2. Service units and service quantities
    3. Service level agreements
    4. Cross-charging
    5. Exercises
  6. Project Management and Business Cases 
    1. Foundations of project management 
    2. Project planning 
    3. Management of running projects 
    4. Environmental characteristics of projects 
    5. Earned Value Management 
    6. Attractiveness measurement 
    7. Evaluation of projects 
    8. Discounted cash-flows 
    9. Exercises 
  7. Security, Risk and Compliance Management 
    1. Definition of terms 
    2. Measurement of security
    3. Risk management 
    4. Compliance management 
    5. Business continuity 
    6. Exercises 
  8. Process management and organizational performance 
    1. Foundations of process management 
    2. Measurement of WF processes 
    3. Measurement of nWF processes 
    4. Measurement of resource pools 
    5. Measurement of process bundles 
    6. Exercises 
  9. Performance management toolbox 
    1. Scoring 
    2. ABC Analysis 
    3. SWOT Analysis 
    4. Sensitivity Analysis
    5. Portfolio Analysis 
    6. Radar chart and polarity chart 
    7. Pairwise Comparison 
    8. TOPSIS 
    9. Exercises 
  10. Advices for Exercises 
    1. Management, performance, and governance 
    2. Measurements, metrics, and monitoring 
    3. Cost management 
    4. Resource and capacity management 
    5. Service management and charging 
    6. Project management and business cases 
    7. Security, risk, and compliance management 
    8. Process management and organizational performance 
    9. Performance management toolbox 
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About the Author

Prof. Dr. Martin Kütz