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How Your Brain Influences Your Performance

43m 5s
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Want to learn ways to take better care of your brain so you think and perform at higher levels? My guest Cindy Shaw has answers!
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Cindy explains the roles that food (what to eat and what to avoid), sleep and stress management play in optimizing the function of your brain. We had a fascinating discussion, and I’m certain you’ll have some ah-ha’s as you take in her insights and advice on this vital organ.Cindy is the founder of The Better Brain Academy. She’s a Certified Brain Health Coach with Amen University, and she uses her expertise as a brain health and mental performance trainer to help people transform their lives. By blending leading-edge neuroscience, brain health and self-improvement strategies, Cindy helps others naturally improve their moods, boost their performance, supercharge their energy and focus, and optimize their well-being.

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