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How to Make Your Content Marketing Work

Because Conversations are Not a One-Way Street

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This book is inspired by the common catchphrase in mind: “Content is King”. In our opinion, it is only half of the truth. If content is king, engagement is Queen.
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Content marketing is the topic of various books, blogs, and courses. Still, many get it wrong. Content marketing is not only about getting the right words out there and pulling the right strings. It is all about building trust, relationship, and something that we call: “like me moment”. What’s good content worth if it doesn’t engage with the right people? Our book will help business professionals create a content marketing plan that talks directly to their ideal clients and helps the organisation reap financial benefits while improving its reputation.

About the Author

The author is Laura Farkas, a seasoned marketing professional and strategist. She has worked as a content marketer (writer and editor) as a freelancer for UK and US agencies, before she set up her own marketing agency. Laura has built a Lean marketing agency that focuses on clients’ needs and superpower, instead of using cookie-cutter options that rarely work.

  1. What Is Content and How It Helps Your Marketing Strategy
    1. The digitalisation of fast content
    2. Common misconceptions about content marketing
  2. Content Marketing – No ‘One Size Fits All’ Approach
    1. Know your audience
    2. Choose your channels
    3. Survey is the key
  3. Learn to Speak Your Audience’s Language
    1. The “WIIIFM” (What is in it for me) answer
    2. Education over patronizing
    3. Match the education level and work language
    4. Cultural competence
    5. Emotional associations with ideas and words
  4. What Type of Message Do You Want to Get Out There?
    1. Factual Content (AKA Don’t Take Our Word for It)
    2. Emotional – Communicate Your Vision and Values
    3. Displaying Your Brand Persona – How Does Your Brand Relate to Your Clients?
  5. Content to Develop Brand Assets
    1. Blogs and guest posts
    2. Case studies to build credibility
    3. White papers to establish authority
    4. Video content for the personal connection
    5. Social media: staying in front of their eyes
  6. Consistency Is Not Boring: Repetition Is
    1. The art of saying the same thing in a different way
    2. Your recognizable catchphrase: learn from politicians
    3. Give it your angle – curated content when you are stuck with ideas
  7. Interactive Content: It’s Fun and Effective
    1. The evolution of interactive marketing
    2. The Ask Method and its importance in marketing
    3. How to ask the right questions for engagement
  8. Design Your Content Calendar
    1. Pulling it all together
    2. Finding the balance
    3. Useful exercises that help you stay on track
  9. Conclusion
  • Endnotes
About the Author

Laura Farkas