How to Improve your Workplace Wellness: Volume II

Appendix: Plans, Policies and Questionnaires

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100 pages
This is the 2nd of the 3-volume practical book on managing Workplace Wellness containing plans and policies that complement the Wellness Approach outlined in volumes 1 and 3.
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O autorovi

John Kyriazoglou obtained a B.A. (Honours) from the University of Toronto, Canada, also earning a Scholastic award for Academic Excellence in Computer Science. John has worked in Canada, England, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Greece, Saudi Arabia and other countries for over 49 years, as a Senior IT manage

This is the 2nd of the 3-volume practical book on managing and improving Workplace Wellness by applying ancient Greek wisdom to today’s difficult issues of wellness and stress. This volume complements volumes 1 and 3 and contains a set of questionnaires, plans and policies related to: Auditing Occupational Stress and Corporate Wellness; Personal Wellness Improvement; Management and Board Responsibilities; Corporate Wellbeing Improvement; Communications; Holistic Life Improvement; Corporate Ethics; Performance; Corporate Social Responsibility; Diversity Practices Management; Green Business; Environment Management; Silence; Business Resilience, etc.

  1. Audit Questionnaires
    1. Appendix 1.1: Occupational Stress and Corporate Wellness Audit Questionnaires
    2. Appendix 1.2: Performance Audit Questionnaire of Board and Executive Management
  2. Plans
    1. Appendix 2.1: Personal Wellness Improvement Plan
    2. Conclusion
    3. Appendix 2.2: Corporate Boardroom Wellbeing Improvement Plan
    4. Appendix 2.3: Holistic Life Improvement Road Plan
    5. Appendix 2.4: Fire and Safety Evacuation Plan
    6. Appendix 2.5: Workplace Wellness Feasibility Study
    7. Appendix 2.6: Workplace Wellness Project Plan
    8. Appendix 2.7: Occupational Health Records Management Plan
    9. Appendix 2.8: Corporate Cultural Resilience Improvement Plan
  3. Policies and Statements
    1. Appendix 3.1: Wellness Policy
    2. Appendix 3.2: Occupational Stress Policy
    3. Appendix 3.3: Health and Safety Policy
    4. Appendix 3.4: Health Records Privacy Policy
    5. Appendix 3.5: Human Rights Policy
    6. Appendix 3.6: Community Relations Policy
    7. Appendix 3.7: Communications Policy
    8. Appendix 3.8: Corporate Ethics Policy Example
    9. Appendix 3.9: Vision, Mission and Values Statements
    10. Appendix 3.10: Corporate Social Responsibility Example
    11. Appendix 3.11: Environment Management Policy
    12. Appendix 3.12: Seven Golden Instructions for a Better Life
  4. Duties and Responsibilities
    1. Appendix 4.1: Management and Board Responsibilities
    2. Appendix 4.2: Wellness Management Roles
    3. Appendix 4.3: Health and Safety Officer Responsibilities
    4. Appendix 4.4: Occupational Health Data Officer Responsibilities
  5. Performance Measures
    1. Appendix 5.1: Wellness Performance Measures
    2. Appendix 5.2: Wellness Objectives
  6. Practices
    1. Appendix 6.1: Diversity Practices Management Approach
    2. Appendix 6.2: Green Business Practices
    3. Appendix 6.3: Silence Practices
    4. Appendix 6.4: Business Resilience Detail Process
    5. Appendix 6.5: Workplace Hazard Prevention Practices
  7. Controls
    1. Appendix 7.1: Business Management Controls Framework
    2. Appendix 7.2: Human Resource (HR) Management Controls