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How to Handle Price Negotiation

How to Deal with Requests Without Automatically Discounting

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B2B sales experts talk about how to deal and respond to price negotiation requests so you don't have to automatically discount.
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Are you always asked to lower your price? Of course, you are because buyers are trained to ask. As part of our Business Learning Series, in this episode we talk about how to respond to price negotiation requests so you don't have to automatically discount. By the end of this episode, you will have learned why price negotiation requests are so common in the sales process, how the sales language you use can actually invite price negotiation, and sales techniques to handle price negotiation requests so that you don’t automatically have to discount. You will also learn when you should give a discount and when you shouldn’t, as well as how to know the lowest price you can give in a discount and still ensure the sale is profitable.

About the Author

B2B Sales Connections

Robert J. Weese and Susan A. Enns are a team with an outstanding record of success with over 60 years of combined sales, management, and executive level B2B experience. Published authors and internationally renowned sales experts, they have helped countless clients drastically improve their sales results. And they achieved all that while selling virtually, working from home offices.

Susan A. Enns

Susan is a founding partner of She has a proven track record of sales excellence over her 30 plus year career, including consecutively being the top sales rep in Canada, managing the top sales branch, and achieving outstanding sales growth in a national channel sales organization. A sales and management training expert, her work has been published in several locations numerous times and her books have sold on five separate continents.

A passionate community volunteer, and cancer survivor, Susan lives and works from Ottawa, Canada.

Robert J. Weese

Robert J. Weese is the co-founder of B2B Sales Connections Inc. He started his career as a radio broadcaster before moving into sales. He brings over 30 years of sales, management and training experience to his role helping salespeople achieve their revenue goals.

When you lead a struggling sales division from the brink of closing to over $7.4 million dollars in annual sales you can be confident, Robert knows how to engage customers and build sales.

When a client goes from less than 1% response rate for their lead generation messages to over 20% you know the new messaging was effective
If your average sale value increase by 20% and your closing rate doubles, you’re learning valuable skills.

When you repeat this kind of growth many times for clients in different industries you know Robert has a developed a winning formula.