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Expert Talk: The Golden Rules of Office Politics

Organisational Politics Episode 1

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Over five episodes, avoid the most common political mistakes and discover better options that increase our chances of success. Learn the five most important political rules.
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There are no silver bullet solutions when it comes to the politics at work. It is a complex and controversial subject. But across these five short episodes in this Bookboon Expert Talk, we will explore how to avoid making the most common political mistakes and discover at the same time, some better options that will increase our chances of success. We start by learning the five most important political rules to navigate a career by. No silver bullets, just tried and tested solutions to work with at work. Five episodes for everyone who wants to influence with integrity. 

About the Author

Mike Phipps

Mike is a professionally qualified facilitator, consultant and trainer with over 20 years’ global experience in delivering high quality learning and development interventions to organisations. 

He is one of Europe’s leading experts in power, influence, negotiation and organisational politics. He helps leaders and managers identify their personal power and influence and to navigate organisational politics more effectively.

Mike is BookBoon author of 21 Sources of Power at Work.  He is also co-author of 21 Dirty Tricks at Work (2006), Political Dilemmas at Work (2008) and sole author of 21 Dirty Tricks at Work (Again!) (2016). He recently published  21 Dirty Tricks in Negotiation (2017) and 21 Dirty Tricks in Sales, both co written with Spoken Word Ltd consultant Frances Tipper. All these titles are available from Amazon and other booksellers. He has also been published in various trade magazines including a front cover article for Training Journal that featured the power research quoted in 21 Sources of Power at Work.

Mike is married with two teenage boys who have taught him more about power, influence (and manipulation) than any other learning opportunity. He is also a songwriter for the UK based band The Reform Club.