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Interview with Philip Ideson

41m 12s
Language:  English
Introducing Philip Ideson, an ethical Procurement Expert. He has worked with many large and some smaller organizations to develop their supply chains, improve efficiency, and decrease costs.
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Philip Ideson, an experienced procurement specialist and recognised expert: says that a good procurement system can lead to lower costs and greater efficiency. However, such a system requires careful planning and attention to detail in order to be effective. Many organizations today are still struggling with these concepts. This is due in part to the fact that many companies have not implemented standard operating procedures (SOPs) to govern the procurement process, in this interview Philip shares in depth insights to improve your processes. These insights will help you become more effective.

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Nathaniel Schooler - an engaging interviewer, writer and trusted adviser. IBM Futurist and LinkedIn Power Profile Award Winner.

He interviews amazing experts. People who have started, built and been part of some of the largest brands in the world and made a huge impact.

Prior experience taught him business communication is about real world relationships, (avoiding techno speak and meaningless jargon).

About the Author

Nat Schooler