Expert Talk: Entrepreneurship and Global Culture

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In this episode, we touch on global culture and how we should all take ourselves a bit less seriously.
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Volker Ballueder was born in Germany before he moved to the United Kingdom in 2001. He now lives close to the South Downs, within easy reach of Brighton and London. He obtained both a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) and an MBA degree at Aberdeen University; and in his subsequent Digital Mark...

This episode features Pascal Finette. A heretic (, a productivityist ( and the founder of the Singularity University ( or you can find out more about him on In our first meeting we discussed a wide range of topics. How failure leaves dark spots on your mind, yet might increase your chances of success. About entrepreneurship, global culture and how habits (also see Volker’s book: help you to improve your performance. We touch on global culture and how we should all take ourselves a bit less seriously. @pfinette

About the author

During a successful, exit fuelled, senior digital advertising career in London, I have gained 14 years of experience working with startups and corporates alike; from sales/client services/commercial to operational roles, managing teams of up to 60 people and revenues in excess of 10m. I have grown pan-European businesses, turned around business units and, as a native German, cover the two largest digital economies in Europe.
With a highly analytical mind, growth mindset and commercial drive paired with strong technical understanding I have a wide ranged experience. I hold an MBA and a BEng (Hons).
Additionally, I am the host of the Expert Talk "Stories of Success" which you can find on Bookboon. Find me at: