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Excellence in Using the External Workforce

How to Get Top Talent Exactly When You Need it

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What could you do if you had the right talent available exactly when you needed it? This book will teach you how to create an organizational superpower using the external workforce.
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Most modern organizations have an extensive use of external workforce, but few of them are great at getting maximum value for their money.

This book is here to help.

Combining theory and practice, we guide you through the following topics:

- Externals vs. permanent employees
- Pros and cons of the different ways to source the external workforce
- What does the gig economy offer your organization?
- When should you opt for onsite vs. remote resources?
- How do you become excellent in using externals paid by the hour?
- How should you digitize your organizational setup for using externals?

About the Author

Søren Rosenmeier is an expert in the external workforce.

His experience includes starting multiple companies, advising enterprise organisations on use of the external workforce, giving key-note speaks and building digital platforms.

Søren is currently CEO of Right People Group and responsible for, a free digital platform enabling companies to take full advantage of the external workforce.

  • About the Author
  • Introduction
  • A new reality
  • Part one - using the external workforce
  1. Permanent employees vs. external workforce
    1. Strategic significance
    2. Core or commodity
    3. Volatility
    4. Ability to attract top talent
  2. Total cost of using the external workforce
    1. Direct costs
    2. Indirect management costs
    3. Indirect organizational costs
  3. Models for sourcing external workforce
    1. Entire business areas
    2. Resources to handle entire projects
    3. Contractors paid per time
    4. External resources to handle individual tasks
    5. Summary of sourcing models
  4. Buying time or results
    1. Choosing the right buying model
    2. The oldest trick in the consulting book
  5. Tapping into the gig economy
    1. Good things never come easy
    2. Platform types for sourcing external workforce
  6. Hiring from anywhere
    1. Pros and cons of a remote workforce
    2. Key factors to create a successful remote organization
  • Part two - professional services
  1. Framework for sourcing professional services
    1. Requirements
    2. Market reach
    3. QA and negotiation
    4. Onboarding
    5. Execution
    6. Offboarding
    7. Data and optimization
  2. Centralized vs. decentralized organizations
    1. The decentralized setup
    2. Making a centralized setup work
    3. Centralization using the professional services framework
  3. Digital platforms for workforce management
    1. Digital solution’s fit to core processes
    2. Implementing a digital workforce solution
    3. Basing actions on data
  4. Outsourcing workforce management
    1. Business models
    2. Guide to evaluating MSP vendors
  5. The winners of tomorrow

About the Author

Søren Rosenmeier

Søren Rosenmeier has worked in the IT consulting industry for 15 years, first as a consultant and then as the co-founder of the freelance consulting agency Right People Group and the IT consultant marketplace and Vendor Management System, 

He holds a Master in Computer Science and Business from Copenhagen Business School and has been leading Right People Group’s European expansion from a Berlin-based incubator office for the past four years. Søren closely follows developments within the field of the future of work and gives lectures on topics such as exponential organizations and how to exile at using the external workforce.

In this book, he shares his insights and best practices based on many years of hands-on experience delivering IT and management contractors to large and medium-sized companies and organizations.