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Creative Problem Solving

Creative Techniques for Problem-Solving

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Creativity can seem like something that just strikes on its own schedule. This guide shows you how to use a step-by-step approach to generate creative solutions to the real-world problems on demand.
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Creativity often seems to keep its own schedule, striking at unpredictable times. This isn't helpful when you have an important problem to solve and need a creative solution right now. Whatever your problem, and whether you think you're naturally creative or not, this practical guide will help you to follow a proven step-by-step process to generate creative solutions on demand.

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Terry Pearce is a bespoke learning designer who specialises in creative game-based learning solutions. As founder of 360 Learning Design, he has created learning solutions for companies all over the world for the last fifteen years. As founder of Untold Play, he's embarking on an exciting new chapter designing learning games and game-based products.

About the Author

Terry Pearce