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Create a United Culture

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A united culture makes good business sense. This practical book provides guidance for managers and HR professionals on steps to achieve.
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A united culture is important for business success and for the wellbeing of the workforce. A toxic culture can manifest in various ways, from autocratic management that plays lip service to organisational values, through to industrial disputes. Engendering a culture that is united towards the achievements of organisational aims, living and breathing its values, requires time and effort but brings great rewards. The flavour of this ebook is to offer practical steps to achieve a united culture from the senior management team to all members of the workforce. It is based on the authors’ experiences and knowledge of Human Resources at a senior level and how organisations work.

About the Authors

This book has been written by Bernard Nawrat and Jill Seymour. We each have over 30 years’ experience in public sector HR. We support public-sector employers on HR matters and have worked with Bookboon on a series of ebooks about HR issues. Our approach is to offer practical and common-sense solutions based on best practice.

  • Author Biography
  1. Scope and Purpose
    1. Introduction
    2. Defining Organisational Culture
    3. Types and Manifestations of Organisational Culture.
    4. Benefits
    5. Influencers
    6. Challenges
    7. Time to Reflect
  2. Vision Mission and Performance Management
    1. Introduction
    2. Vision and Mission
    3. Employer Brand
    4. Business Plans and Work Plans
    5. Performance Management
    6. Time to Reflect
  3. Communications and Employee Voices
    1. Introduction
    2. Robust Communications
    3. Employee Voices
    4. The Problem of Bad News
    5. Time to Reflect
  4. Integrated Management and Activities
    1. Introduction
    2. Language Policy and Procedures
    3. United Management Teams
    4. Avoiding Silos
    5. Effective Change Management
    6. Social Activities
    7. Time to Reflect
  5. Recruitment, Onboarding and Training
    1. Introduction
    2. Policy and Standard Setting
    3. Reaching Candidates
    4. Robust Selection
    5. Onboarding
    6. Training
    7. Time to Reflect
  6. When Things Go Wrong
    1. Introduction
    2. Employer Obligations
    3. Grievances
    4. Bullying Harassment and Victimisation
    5. Disciplinary Action
    6. Mediation
    7. Learning from Experience
    8. Time to Reflect
  7. Celebrating Success
    1. Introduction
    2. Individual v Team Recognition
    3. Be Proportionate
    4. Be Consistent
    5. Be Inclusive
    6. Time to Reflect
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About the Author

Jill Seymour & Bernard Nawrat