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Cash Management

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This book will look at how cash flows through a business, the uses of cash and how to assure cash is available when needed. Cash management includes: A/P, A/R, Budgeting, Profit Planning and more.
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CASH IS KING. It is the lifeblood of any business. Without cash a business will not exist. Without cash, a business can be forced into bankruptcy where the creditors can gain control of the company's assets, if not the company itself. Cash is the lubricant which keeps businesses running smoothly. Poor cash management is the cause of a significant number of corporate bankruptcies. Companies and individuals outspend their cash requirements and suddenly are no longer able to meet the cash requirements of their business. Cash Management is a group of policies and techniques to assure a business has the funds to continue to operate and be prepared for whatever the future may bring.

This book will look at how cash flows through a business, the uses of cash and how to assure cash is available when needed. Cash management includes: Accounts Payable, Account Receivable, Budgeting and more.

  • Introduction
  1. The Basics
  2. Questions and Exercises
  3. Creating a Budget
  4. Questions and Exercises
  5. Monthly Reconciliations
  6. Questions and Exercises
  7. Accounts Receivable
  8. Questions and Exercises
  9. Cash Handling
  10. Questions and Exercises
  11. Credit/Debit Cards
  12. Questions and Exercises
  13. Accounts Payable
  14. Questions and Exercises
  15. Other Sources of Cash
  16. Questions and Exercises
  17. Assets and Inventory
  18. Questions and Exercises
  19. Cash Flow Statement
  20. Questions and Exercises
  21. Profit Management
  22. Questions and Exercises
  23. Fraud
  24. Concluding Remarks
  • Endnotes

It is such an enlightenment for the financially illiterate. This Book is as rewarding as monetary profit.
Having gone through the book, I noted it is practical, gives novices a sound and solid footing in accounting, the language is simply and straight forward and above all it comes with review questions to help reinforce the learner's experience. I strongly recommend the book to everybody.
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About the Author

Howard Kier

Renaissance man best describes Howard’s knowledge in a vast number of fields. First as a computer engineer/programmer, Howard, learned the inner workings of several industries as he wrote computer programs to support various customers. 

Realizing his naivete of business matters, Howard returned to school and earned an Master of Business administration from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, USA to go along with his previous earned Master of Computer Engineering from Syracuse University (Syracuse, New York, USA). 

Being a voracious reader, Howard can often be found reading a book or current events on his electronic devices. All of this information rattles around in Howard’s head until called forth. Howard is not satisfied with the way things are but also how they came to be and how to make them better.  

Becoming bored with programing, Howard changed careers and opened his own photography studio which he successfully ran for twelve years until he realized he was spending more time coaching others than actually running his own business. The photograph studio was closed and Howard started consulting full-time. 

Coming full circle, Howard is now taking his knowledge and mentoring a new generation of programmers (known as web developers) on the lessons of the past. For instance, how the Roman Legions of days long past actually influenced the design of NASA’s space shuttle.  

Howard is able to see the complete picture from the forest down to the leaves on the tress and then has the rare ability to explain it all in terms a lay person can understand.  

Howard is the author of numerous LinkedIn articles on a variety of business subjects.