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This book covers the changes that have enveloped the Indian business landscape in the last two decades.
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  1. Introduction
  2. Pillars of Indian economy
    1. Business regulations
    2. Finance
  3. The Swadeshi movement
  4. What was wrong with India’s planning?
  5. Trends in Indian agriculture
    1. Problems faced by Indian agriculture
  6. Contract farming in India
    1. Issues with contract farming in India
  7. Inter sectoral linkages in india
    1. Summary
    2. The final word
  8. Business environment
    1. Non-economic environment
    2. Importance of business environment
  9. Business ethics & values
    1. Sources of business ethics
    2. Business ethics: the four faces of CSR
  10. Social responsibility of business
    1. Ackerman’s model
  11. An overview of CSR rules under Companies Act, 2013
  12. Corporate social responsibility in India – the emerging discourse & concerns 
  13. India’s demographic dividend
  14. Disinvestment
    1. Policy for navratnas
    2. Suggestions
  15. Deflation
  16. Changes in economic climate in India
    1. India’s new industrial policy in detail
    2. Crony capitalism
  17. Impact of legislature, executive and judiciary on business
    1. Judiciary
  18. Building an ecosystem for manufacturing in India
  19. Problems of small scale sector in India (SSI)
    1. Solutions
  20. MSMEs
  21. Entrepreneurship in India
  22. Strategies to manage political environment
  23. Labour reforms in India – the start of a new beginning
  24. Bhagidari sector in the Indian economy
  25. India – a global manufacturing hub
  26. India as a central hub for research excellence
  27. The Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices Act, 1969
    1. Tariff commission
    2. The government control and regulation of the Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices
  28. Companies act 2013
  29. Nurturing innovation excellence
  30. Endnotes

This book covers the wide spectrum of changes in the Indian business landscape in the last two decades. The book captures the structural transformation in the Indian economy after Globalisation.The book traces the changes in the Indian business landscape in the last two decades. Globalisation has led to the dominance of services over agriculture and manufacturing. The government’s efforts to revive the manufacturing sector have not met with major success. The country has experienced a major transformation with the growth of information technology.  Besides ramping up efforts to attract foreign investment, the government has also taken measures to spring-roll the growth of entrepreneurship. Path breaking reforms  in the Companies Act have attracted attention of business community.

About the author

Venkatesh Ganapathy presently works as Associate Professor (Marketing) in Presidency Business School, Bangalore. He has worked in the industry for close to two decades in organisations like Castrol India Limited (part of BP PLC) and Firepro Systems Private Limited. He has had a rich and diverse cross-functional experience during his stint in the corporate world. He has published 15 books so far. He is also the author of 50 research papers that have been published in national and international peer-reviewed journals of repute. He has presented his research efforts in national and international conferences and has been the recipient of awards and scholarships. He has a profound interest in content marketing and has written over 300 blogs. His research interests are in services marketing and service supply chain management.

About the Author

Venkatesh Ganapathy